Top 6 iOS Movie Apps Everyone can Use

If you are a movie lover and own an iOS device, you will benefit from knowing what the top apps that everyone can use are. I have set up an informative article with reviews of the best movie apps for you.


For the anime fan, this app fits like a glove because it gives you access to assorted anime shows and other related content you might enjoy. Viewster is a free app that offers original shows and is wonderful for exploring a bit more into this genre.


With a wonderful indie film library and excellent design overall, this app gives you access to lesser-known films and documentaries from places like India. SnagFilms is free and exposes you to films and genres that you might have not known, but it is not very good for those looking for mainstream titles.


Although it is no competition for premium paid apps, it is worth a download. One of the best free movie apps out there, Vudu brings you an interesting film selection through a wonderfully designed interface.


The previously elected best free movie app comes with a wonderful library that includes some old classics along with some more recent titles. Its categorization is also one of the best out there, for free apps.


This app comes with some original content and good design, at no cost. If you enjoy shows like Seinfeld, you will love this app’s library for it features some of the best shows in modern TV history.

Redbox on Demand

Offering you a virtual red box and a great rewards program, Redbox on Demand is perfect for those wanting to watch the latest movies and tv shows out there. The content available in this app can be rented or bought and the price is based on how mainstream the film or show is.

Whether you can afford to pay for the content or not, these apps will certainly be wonderful for the movie lover in you. Remember that you can always just take them for a spin to determine if you like them. Let me know how it went for you when you try them, which one is your favorite and why.