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The most important apps for iOS devices are those related to ATM and banking. I want to give you my suggestions for some ATM and banking apps and resources you will benefit from using.

ATM Hunter

This app is wonderful for travelers as it allows you to find any merchants that take MasterCard’s PayPass as a form of payment for their products and services. This is available worldwide and you need only enter your location using the GPS on your iPhone.

Credit One Bank Mobile

An app designed to facilitate credit card transactions to be managed by any users having trouble with their regular methods. You can also check your account information and use the feature called Touch ID that lets you log in secure and quickly.

Wells Fargo Mobile Banking

You can use this app to perform transactions with your bank accounts that include bill payments, fund transfers, and even check your deposits. You can also rest assured that this app has a policy to reimburse funds should anything go wrong with a transaction.

Citi Mobile

With this app you will get rid of the headaches that come with staying on top of your credit card payments. Also, you have the option to keep an eye on your FICO score. Checking your account balance and latest transactions in Citi Mobile is easy, as they have a featured called Snapshot to show you this information without even having to log in.