iOS – Advice to Find the App you Need

For those that own an iOS device, there is a wide range of apps available for free or to be bought. If you want to avoid endless hours of trying and testing terrible apps, you will appreciate this post in which I share with you some advice for finding the app that you actually need.

Look at What’s Recommended

Especially with games, your iOS device will pop up some recommendations to you based on what you have purchased before. Keep in mind this option works better the more apps you try downloading.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

iOS comes with a tab for related apps that have already been bought by other people that have similar taste to yours. This works great, as you take advantage of the good and bad experiences that others have had.

Listen to the Community

All apps allow the users to leave their honest reviews of its performance, features, and everything related to it. Check out these reviews, especially the bad ones because they will let you know what the shortfalls of the app are.

Check the Developer’s Background

You can follow this advice by going to the More By option and seeing what else the developer of a particular app has created. This can be used both for finding out if a developer is any good and for finding additional apps from a developer that you already know is good.

Support Matters

featured image iOS Advice to Find the App you Need Support Matters - iOS - Advice to Find the App you Need

Apps need maintenance to fix bugs and you need some customer support sometimes, but not all apps have these advantages. Make sure the app you are about to download is being frequently updated by checking it out on the App Store.

Pay Attention to Highlighted Apps

You will find an Editor’s choice section in your iOS that is used to highlight and bring new and interesting apps to your attention, after making sure they work like a charm. This is useful for staying updated in the latest apps available for popular categories such as fashion and commuting.

Leverage the Filters to Your Requirements

The App Store has many categories that you can use to filter apps while you browse around trying to find a specific type of app you could be interested in. Add to this the previous advice and you will have an easier time finding the right app to fit your needs.

Experiment with Keywords

featured image iOS Advice to Find the App you Need Experiment with Keywords - iOS - Advice to Find the App you Need

Try using different words to perform your searches and you will probably find some apps you had never seen before. A good example is looking for social media apps by entering keywords like community or friends.

Apps can take up a lot of space and looking for the ones that suit your needs is a bit time-consuming. If you follow my advice, you will likely have an easier time with this task and you will end up with a few apps that you thoroughly enjoy.