When you are developing an iOS app or getting one developed, you need to be aware that there are certain things it must have, in order to secure its success in the market. Learn what those essential elements are with iGoApps. Usability as a Priority Making usability your priority will help it succeed because the people that try it will find it easy to navigate through its features and perceive it to be practical. If you want to make sure you have the right idea about usability, you can always check out the most successful apps and how they work for the people that getRead More →

If you are considering getting your own iOS application for your business or any other reasons, you should definitely hire an expert to design if for you. There are many reasons to do it this way and I will explain the most relevant ones to you. Invest in Quality Although you may be thinking you can do this yourself, an app designed by an expert will come out with a higher quality in all its features. Experienced app developers are used to handling details of the apps that are unknown to amateurs but have a great impact in the app’s appeal and functionality. Save TimeRead More →

Developing an app usually takes up an important amount of time, which has an impact on how much you have to invest in it. Additionally, taking too long to develop an app will result in it being outdated by the time you are finally able to get it out there. To avoid these inconveniences, I have provided you with a few hacks to help you develop your mobile app faster. Use Cross-Platform Tools These tools enable you to develop your app so that it supports more than one platform, without having to rewrite your code for each different one. Some examples of good cross-platform toolsRead More →

For those that own an iOS device, there is a wide range of apps available for free or to be bought. If you want to avoid endless hours of trying and testing terrible apps, you will appreciate this post in which I share with you some advice for finding the app that you actually need. Look at What’s Recommended Especially with games, your iOS device will pop up some recommendations to you based on what you have purchased before. Keep in mind this option works better the more apps you try downloading. Monkey See, Monkey Do iOS comes with a tab for related apps thatRead More →