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My name is Mario N. McNees, I live in the UK and I am an adult basic education teacher. I am passionate about my job and enjoy whatever progress any of my students make, regarding the topics that I teach.

Out of that passion for teaching and making sure people actually learn something from me and my experiences, the idea of studying a bit of app development was born. This is because I felt like there was a need to teach others how to create iOS apps and make them appealing and successful.

Eventually, I gained a lot of knowledge and ended up developing a few apps myself to help my students learn in more friendly ways. Adults are harder to teach than kids, but through well designed apps I found a way to get through to them and get them interested in a different and promising career path.

There came a point when I realized that I could extend my teaching’s reach by creating a web portal to upload all the hacks and tips that I have learnt. This is when the idea for iGoApps was born, as I knew that a blog would be friendlier to maintain and also a great platform to broaden my range of readers.

At first, ideas were hard to organize and put together in the form of short and appealing posts, but the feedback that I received from early readers keep fueling my creativity. I got a good amount of useful suggestions and even some corrections, which I ended up leveraging to improve both my writing skills and the topics I covered.

At first, my main target were people wanting to get into app design and not really knowing how to go about it. This was only natural due to my teaching vocation and the fact that I have such a wide range of knowledge and tools to use for this purpose.

Although I had much success with this aim, I started receiving questions by readers regarding how to choose apps, what the best apps were, and so forth. This prompted me to write some posts about these topics along with the ones dealing with app development.

As long as I keep receiving positive encouragement from all of you, I will keep evolving and iGoApps will stay updated and friendly for everyone. Be sure to keep checking out the blog to stay learning and improving with all the information I will constantly share.